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Run for Joy 5K Supports Mental Health Advocacy 

The annual NC Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NCANA) Run for Joy 5K in Winston-Salem supports mental health advocacy and wellness for healthcare trainees in memory of a Wake Forest Medical Student.

Run For Joy 5k - Winston-Salem

Background of Run for Joy 5K

The NCANA Run for Joy 5K was created in memory of healthcare trainee Katelyn Joy Beardsley, who died by suicide two months prior to graduating from Wake Forest University School of Medicine’s Nurse Anesthesia program.

Beardsley was known for her deep love for people and counseled many who were experiencing depression. However, it came as a surprise to those who knew her that she had also been experiencing anxiety/depression. She used running to combat her anxiety/depression and that is why they do a run in memory of her. 

Medical trainees continue to face significant mental health concerns, with numerous studies revealing high rates of mental distress among medical students and a stigma that stops them from getting help. Run for Joy seeks to combat this stigma and support the mental wellness of healthcare trainees. 

Who Does Run for Joy 5K support?

All proceeds from the 5K event will go to Run for Joy, Inc, a charitable organization helping finance mental health initiatives and providing support for those needing mental health services.

When Is the Run for Joy 5K?

The NCANA Run for Joy 5K takes place Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 9 AM at Jamison Park. 

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