Ice Cream Shops in Winston-Salem

Ice Cream Shops in Winston-Salem

I scream you scream, all of Winston-Salem screams for ice cream! Whether you take it in a cup, cone, or on a cookie sandwich, you can find delicious ice cream right here in Winston-Salem.

Updated: June 2022

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre is an ice cream shop, that not only sells artisan ice cream but churros and Mexican treats such as Mangonadas, and Esquites. They also have milkshakes, aguas frescas, hot and iced coffee, and much much more! Enjoy your milkshake with or without a beautifully decorated and perfectly cooked churro. The possibilities are endless here.



Lill Dipper

*Lil Dipper has not opened yet for the season *

This is your new favorite spot if you love endless toppings and soft-serve ice cream! Choose from 10 different dips and 20 different toppings to make your delicious ice cream creation. They even have vegan vanilla. Find them in Bailey Park and Ardmore! Don’t forget to take a picture of your creation before you dive in (if you can resist)!



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Kilwins is a chocolate, fudge, and ice cream shop located in Thruway Shopping Center. As soon as you enter their door you will smell the chocolate fudge, freshly popped corn, or newly made waffle cones. Come in for ice cream and you may leave with a caramel apple or truffle. They have 24 flavors of ice cream to choose from and you can sample them all.


Twin City Sweets

Twin City Sweets is an ice cream stand at 2594 W. Clemmonsville Road that carries ice cream (obviously), soda floats, candy apples, and candied roasted nuts. Enjoy their large sundaes in an adorable fenced-off area full of picnic tables and stringed lights. They are closed during the winter months. They love to host themed ice cream nights, weeks and even months such as Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter. On these nights you will enjoy decorations and themed sundaes. 



TJ’s Deli

Homemade ice cream. Yep, you read that right. Enjoy the real stuff at TJ’s Deli. From the classic to the unique, you’ll find a flavor your taste buds will love. We highly recommend the banana split! 


Abbotts Clemmons

Although it’s a chain, Abbotts is a great place to go after dinner, a sports game, a day in the park, or whenever you want to enjoy some delicious frozen custard. Custard is made from egg yolks in addition to cream and milk. It is also prepared differently than ice cream, which makes it denser.


Baked Just SO

Their ice cream is available in cups or cones and they also have yummy toppings like Mini M&Ms, sprinkles, or chocolate drizzle. Looking for more than ice cream? Try their ice cream sandwiches using their homemade cookies! 


Chill Nitro

Ice Cream with or without alcohol! Choose your flavor, toppings and spirits (if you want) and watch them mix it and freeze it right in front of you. How does this work? When the liquid nitrogen hits the ingredients, it becomes an ultra-freezing gas that creates a smooth, creamy-thick ice cream – perfect for you to enjoy!


Chilly Philly

Chilly Philly is the perfect spot to cool off with Philly Water Ice (dairy-free) + Ice Cream! Get one scoop, mix and match, get a sampler of all 12 Water Ice flavors, get a milkshake or buy a quart to take home! They constantly rotate flavors so there is always something new to try.

Ice Cream in Winston-Salem


Salem Creamery and Coffee

A family-owned ice cream and coffee shop located in Oliver’s Crossing shopping center. Ice cream and coffee mean double the fun! Salem Creamery offers classic and unique flavors for a great price. Want coffee and ice cream? Order their cold brew milkshake, nitro float, or affogato. 



A true staple of Winston-Salem. Dewey’s has two locations in Winston. Their ice cream is slow-churned daily. Ice cream flavors include Moravian Cookie, Oatmeal Sandwich, Banana Pudding, and all the classics. 



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