Winston-Salem Holiday Gift Basket

The Winston-Salem Skyline in Black

Winston-Salem Holiday Gift Basket

November 19, 2023

Our team recently asked our readers what they would include in a holiday gift basket representing Winston-Salem, and they gave us so many great ideas! From baked goods and Krispy Kreme to local beer and candles, we’d love to receive their gift baskets.

Keep reading to find out what our readers thought best represents Winston-Salem.


Moravian Treats

Not only did the Moravians establish the town of Salem, but they also left a legacy of delicious baked treats! Below are the specific responses we received from readers:


Moravian Cookies for Winston-Salem Holiday Gift Basket
Photo courtesy of Wilkerson Moravian Bakery


Krispy Kreme

The international doughnut chain got its start right here in Winston-Salem in 1937: you can actually find a plaque designating where the original store stood in Old Salem. Even better? There are two locations in Winston-Salem.

  • “Krispy Kreme gift card”
  • “Krispy Kreme paper hat”


Moravian Star

During the holiday season, you’ll find these lantern stars hanging in homes all over the city. Learn more about their history!


Baked Goods

Winston-Salem is home to so many good bakeries! In addition to the ones listed below, check out these other must-try bakeries.


Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Don’t let the name fool you, this is another nationally known brand that originated in Winston-Salem. In 1929, Sam Garner and his three sons created the hot sauce. To this day, the company they formed – T.W. Garner Food Company – still operates out of Winston-Salem.

  • “Texas Pete hot sauce”
  • Find it at most local grocery stores


Other Suggestions


Old Salem Print Image for Winston-Salem Holiday Gift Basket
Photo courtesy of Vikki Vassar



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