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Helping The Community: One Home Owner at a Time

16,000. Winston-Salem is now short 16,000 affordable housing units. There’s a lot of work to be done in addressing this crisis.

Piedmont Federal Bank is making a significant difference by supporting initiatives that benefit the community and turning the dream of homeownership into a reality for many. Here are 6 ways Piedmont Federal Bank is helping the community, one homeowner at a time.

June 7, 2024

Piedmont Federal Bank employees at Habitat for Humanity

1. Affordable Loan Program with Habitat for Humanity

Piedmont Federal Bank has designed an affordable loan program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

The Program: Piedmont Federal Bank offers favorable mortgage loans to low-to-moderate-income families, making homeownership dreams attainable.

Why it matters: The impact is dual-fold. Not only does the program help families secure homes, but it also allows Habitat for Humanity to reinvest the loan proceeds into building more homes. This program sets in motion a sustainable cycle of community growth and development.


2. Dedicated Loan Servicing with Habitat for Humanity

As the dedicated mortgage servicer for Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, Piedmont Federal Bank showcases its unwavering commitment to Habitat homeowners.

Why it matters: This special partnership guarantees Habitat homeowners’ unique needs are met with the utmost care and expertise.

What they are saying: Paola Candelaria, the Director of Family Services at Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, asserts, “Piedmont Federal [Bank] has been a steadfast partner in our mission.”


3. Volunteering Efforts

Through its robust volunteering efforts, Piedmont Federal Bank’s contributions go beyond banking services. With over 84 volunteer hours logged last year, the team builds houses, provides supplies, and participates in fundraisers like the Hammerbird 5k.

Zoom in: During Habitat for Humanity’s Builders Blitz—where eight local builders constructed five homes in the historic Happy Hill neighborhood—Piedmont Federal Bank showed their support by feeding over 100 workers on the final day.

  • Their hands-on approach significantly enriches the community’s spirit and solidarity.


4. Educating Homeowners

Piedmont Federal Bank takes pride in its commitment to educating homeowners. They provide financial education through courses tailored to Habitat’s homeowners, covering essential topics such as managing debt, understanding credit reports and scores, and the importance of savings. 

What they are saying: Paola Candelaria notes, “This education is invaluable as it equips our homeowners with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain financial stability and thrive as new homeowners.”

  • This proactive approach ensures that new homeowners are well-prepared for long-term success.


5. Community Education Initiatives

Beyond direct homeowner support, Piedmont Federal Bank actively educates the broader community about affordable housing in Winston-Salem.

Community Leadership: They participate in the New Horizons Fair Housing Committee, with team member Michele actively participating in the planning and executing of the annual Fair Housing Summit. 

  • This summit provides valuable insights and educational seminars on the state of housing for all housing professionals in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.
  • Notably, Neal Parnell from Piedmont Federal Bank contributed to an expert panel this year, discussing the impact of inflation and interest rates on fair housing opportunities. Sandra Gaskell, also from Piedmont Federal Bank, discussed fair lending and the effect of income and appraisal discrimination. 


6. Homebuyers Dream Program

Organizations like Anthony’s Plot, a community dedicated to bridging the racial homeownership gap, realize the importance of having a community partner like Piedmont Federal Bank rather than just any bank.

Project: When Anthony’s Plot initiated a grassroots project to construct affordable homes, it aimed to ensure these projects wouldn’t harm the families they were meant to benefit.

  • The organization’s goal was to partner with an entity that wouldn’t foreclose on these houses in the future but instead would tailor its approach to each individual’s circumstances.


The result: Through Piedmont Federal Bank’s Homebuyers Dream Program, families receive a mortgage without traditional credit sources or a loan origination fee and have their appraisal fee refunded at loan closing.

Bonus: Each applicant of the Homebuyers Dream Program is required to receive home buyer education and counseling before and after the mortgage purchase. The education and counseling help them acquire the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the home-buying process and become successful homeowners.

How can you help? 

When you open a checking or savings account with Piedmont Federal Bank, you’re keeping money local and supporting their mission of assisting the community, one homeowner at a time.




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