Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Announces Rebrand

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Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Announces Rebrand


February 23, 2024

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank has been serving locals for over 120 years. On February 19, the bank introduced its new branding and shortened its name to Piedmont Federal Bank.


Piedmont Federal Rebrands


What is Piedmont Federal Bank?

  • A local community bank founded in 1903 that primarily provided mortgage services for much of its life. However, in the past 5 years, Piedmont Federal became a full-service bank when it expanded its services to include business and commercial banking.


What’s Changed?

  • Piedmont Federal Bank’s branding overhaul includes a new logo, typeface, and brand colors.
  • The crest represents the hills and valleys of the local geography.
  • The modern typeface makes the bank feel more approachable.
  • The green in the crest represents growth and prosperity, and the navy blue of the bank’s name represents trust and stability.


Why Does It Matter?

  • The new branding signals how Piedmont Federal is adapting its services to reach the next generation of clients, and it also differentiates them from competitors in the area.


What Makes Piedmont Federal Bank Different?

  • Piedmont Federal Bank has remained local since its founding. They are the only community bank still headquartered in Winston-Salem.
  • When you bank with Piedmont Federal, you will pay no ATM fees; at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • Team members are committed to learning and remembering your name because you’re more than just a client; you’re a person with a unique story.


Discover the difference when you bank with Piedmont Federal; check out their personalized banking options today!





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