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The BUNKR Esports and Gaming Center Opens in Winston-Salem

This Saturday, July 29th, Winston-Salem’s gaming community will be celebrating the grand opening of The BUNKR esports and gaming center. Located in downtown Winston-Salem on the lower level of ROAR, The BUNKR @ ROAR offers a premier gaming experience with 32 high-performance gaming PCs and 5 comfortable couch console stations. It is a place for both casual gamers and seasoned professionals to come together and connect with like-minded individuals. 


The BUNKR was co-founded by Jefferson Nicholson, an experienced event producer in endurance events who has always been passionate about gaming and the community it fosters. He quickly realized that while an endurance community already existed in the area, there was a gap when it came to a dedicated gaming community. 


The BUNKR at ROAR esports and gaming center


“My skill set wasn’t a streamer and wasn’t a competitor, but I knew I could coordinate events and host a great show,” said Nicholson. So he began to think about what it takes to start a gaming venue – a permanent place to empower the gaming community. After starting out with a gaming trailer that ventured to various breweries around town last summer, Nicholson teamed up with ROAR to create The BUNKR. 


While the space was still being prepared, Nicholson began hosting gaming competitions in February at ROAR. The last one boasted over 70 participants, a testament to the enthusiasm for gaming in the local community. 


Nicholson envisions “a combination of casual gamers coming out with their friends to grab a drink and play together, everyday serious regulars, competitive tournament participants, birthday parties, and skills camps to keep the place buzzing.” He has received a great response from the community, with many gamers telling him “I have been waiting for a place like this for a while.” 


The base rate is $8 an hour. They plan to have daily and monthly rates in the future. The grand opening of The BUNKR @ ROAR is this Saturday, July 29 from 4-8pm with a Smash Brothers tournament this Sunday. 

Location: 633 N Liberty at ROAR


The BUNKR at ROAR esports and gaming center


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