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The Crest, a New Historic Event Venue in Downtown Winston-Salem

The Rogers House, a historic building on Cherry Street in downtown Winston-Salem, has been renovated to serve as a wedding and event venue known as The Crest. The venue will begin hosting weddings and private events in early 2024.

The Rogers House - event venue Winston-Salem
Ownership of the Rogers House passed to the 1885 Rogers House Group Partnership in 1979. Photo courtesy of The Crest

History of The Crest

The Rogers House was originally built from 1883 to 1885 as the residence of James Mitchell Rogers and his family. At the time it was built, it was one of many grand houses that lined Cherry Street.

James Mitchell Rogers was a prominent businessman in Winston. He served as the first president of the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce when it was formed in 1885, and he served as the president of the Brown, Rogers, and Company hardware business for over 40 years.

Ownership of the house stayed within Rogers’ family until 1979. At that time, the 1885 Rogers House Partnership–a group of local lawyers–acquired the deed and began using the house as a law firm. 

In 1986, the Rogers House became part of the National Registry of Historic Places. This honor is given to properties that the National Registry has “determined to be worthy of preservation for its historical value,” according to the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

In 2021, the Spear Group became the third–and current–owner of the Rogers House.

More Historic Buildings in Winston-Salem

The Crest is only one of several historic buildings in Winston-Salem that have been renovated to serve modern guests. The Shaffner Inn was originally built in 1907 as the home of Henry Fries Shaffner. It now has 8 overnight guest rooms and hosts Founders Restaurant.

Similarly to The Crest, Summit Street Inns underwent extensive renovations from 2020-2023 and is comprised of the Ludlow and Sheppard houses. The inn has 10 overnight guest rooms, event space, a billiard room, and a parlor.

Present Day at The Crest

After the Spear Group acquired the property in 2021, it made plans to transform the property into a wedding venue named The Crest. Austin Hayes became the Executive Director of The Crest and has overseen much of its renovation. Part of Hayes’ vision for the Rogers House renovation is to preserve as much of the historic home as possible.

“Pretty much anything you see is original,” Hayes said. “We didn’t mess with a lot–we didn’t want to.”

The Event Venue

The Crest will utilize both the interior of the house and the property surrounding it. For weddings, the wedding party can use the 4,500 square feet offered by the Rogers House as a preparation space. The bridal suite encompasses the entire second floor!

The Crest - Interior Room
Photo courtesy of The Crest

The outdoor area features a beautiful garden and outdoor ceremony space. Receptions will take place in The Carriage House, a new 3,000 square foot building behind the Rogers House. 

You can visit The Crest’s website to learn more about the venue or book an appointment to take a tour.


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